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Over my many years of design experience, I've had the privilege of working with many amazing entrepreneurs. Here is just a small sampling of some of my work.

The Soulful Medicine Woman logo
The Soulful Medicine Woman collateral image
The Soulful Medicine Woman website example

logo design + collateral + canva + website enhancement

the soulful medicine woman

Carma desired a simple, feminine and meaningful logo that highlighted the magic of her offerings. As a life coach specializing in plant medicine, breathwork, sound healing and embodiment, she wanted something that encapsulated all of it and brought forward her grounded feminine essence, but also her innate playfulness.


We chose a typeface that was playful, but also evoked the grounded feminine essence she was desiring, to create the wordmark that would sit at the center of the logo. The circles around it grounds the wordmark and represents the continual journey we must take when creating any new change. Once we heal one layer, another presents itself to be met and healed as well.


Carma's passion is holding people through deep medicine journeys, so it was very important to bring in the essence of the earth. The simple blue-green water color leaves were chosen to bring the plant medicine aspect to life.

Although she was working with a web designer, I acted as a consultant and eventually took over the design and layout of her Wix website. Most recently, I created the landing page for her first course offering. Carma and I continue to work together as she builds her business.

You can find her at:


logo design + collateral + canva

physican's choice wellness

Kendall purchased Physician's Choice Wellness (PCW), an already established and successful business, but the branding was dated and there were other programming changes she was making to improve and revive it.

She originally wanted to change the name altogether, but quickly realized that keeping the name was the way to go since it already had recognition in the communities it serves. She made the choice to give the brand a facelift instead so that she could go-to-market with an "all new" PCW to reintroduce and revive it in the existing markets.

PCW provides weight loss guidance and support, as well as wellness services. The logo needed to inspire people and give them hope.

The icon in this concept represents new and inspiring horizons. A play on a colorful sunrise with the breaking light of the sun in the center and spiraling out into beautiful layers of possibility. The spiral/helix represents resilience. By sitting on the horizon, where the sky meets the earth, it provides a sense of groundedness to support a new way of being, a fresh start. With an abstract person in the center of it representing wellness, inspiration and joy.

Kendall and I continue to work together to build her new business collateral.

You can find her at:


physicians choice wellness  logo
blue spruce photography logo
blue spruce photography event banners
blue spruce photography brochure

logo design + collateral + event signage

blue spruce wedding photography

I've been working with Beau at Blue Spruce Wedding Photography for years. Honestly, when you have amazing photos to work with, the design is secondary. Beau wanted a simple and meaningful icon that felt rooted and solid and would appeal to masculine and feminine sensibilities. Creating a custom blue spruce tree icon with roots surrounded by rings, which symbolize the interwoven nature of two people coming together and creating roots.  We chose a neutral, warm, soft blue that created the perfect neutral backdrop to showcase his beautiful photos.

In addition to his logo and branding, I have assisted Beau with business cards, pricing brochures, and event banners.

You can find Beau at:


logo design + collateral

brian elliott

Brian Elliott is a screenwriter who wanted a simple and professional personal brand as he went about looking for work in Hollywood. He wanted something that would make him stand out against the rest and showcase his dedication to his craft.

Using his initials with a typewriter-style feel, I designed a simple yet memorable custom icon to crown his name in the logo. To make him standout, we used red paired with a classy and modern charcoal gray. We thought the red would stand out in a sea of resumes and envelopes.

The font is modern, crisp and evokes sense of trustworthiness and style.

brian elliott logo
brian elliott collateral
bespoke intelligence agency logo
bespoke intelligence agency collateral

logo design + collateral

bespoke intelligence agency

As an Army reserve veteran and former intelligence officer, Rhett desired to create a presence as a contract intelligence agent in the corporate world. Providing bespoke intelligence services to corporations who operate globally to advise them on political situations, catastrophe planning and the like, that may effect their employees and their businesses.

The icon was designed to look like an official government agency. Simple and to the point. The letters BIA are interwoven together to form a simple, yet memorable icon that sits atop a modern serif font.

We chose navy blue for the main color because it represents stability and trust. It is conservative and evokes feelings of tradition and convention. Paired with a diplomatic dark gray that is elegant and cool.


Vita Center for Women logo

logo design + collateral

vita center for women

consociate dansig logo

logo design + collateral

consociate-dansig insurance

donna bland logo

logo design + collateral

donna bland designs

temmen advanced eye care logo

logo design + collateral

temmen advanced eye care

homesight logo

logo design + collateral


north star treasure hunt logo

logo design + collateral

true north treasure hunt

rebecca plants logo

logo design + collateral

rebecca plants

ripple tax and financial services logo

logo design + collateral

ripple tax + financial services

illinois athletic trainers association logo

logo design + collateral

illinois athletic trainers association

lakeshore landing logo

logo design + collateral

lakeshore landing

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