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Because everyone needs are different, I created three different packages from which to choose. Each of the packages are outlined below as well as the cadence of the entire branding and design process.

  • A la carte items may be added to each package

  • Bespoke packages available upon request

"I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things."
Linden Leader


These packages are designed to give you a clear brand identity.

If you are interested in a bespoke package based on your needs, please schedule a discovery call.


A general outline of the design process is laid out below.

The process will vary slightly depending on which package you choose.


Free discovery call

We start with a no obligation discovery call so that we can have a conversation, get to know each other, and to see if we are an energetic match to work together. You get to ask me questions, and I ask you questions. Easy-peasy!


Choose a package

Choose the package that you've decided works best for you at this time. I will send you a link to start the process and pay the required 50% deposit before work begins. Once payment has been made, you will receive a welcome email with links to several different forms.


Complete the forms

You will receive several forms to sign/fill out. 1) A contract that outlines the scope of work, the price, and terms/conditions; 2) A brand identity worksheet. This is very important because design follows strategy, not the other way around. When I design a brand identity, I need to know the strategy behind my design. This helps me get as close as possible with the design concepts in the first round. These need to be comlpeted before the brand clarity call.


Create a Pinterest board

In my experience, most people are visual. Meaning, they have a difficult time articulating what they are attracted to when it comes to design, but they know it when they see it. This is why the Pinterest board is so important, but don't worry—it's easy and fun! You will simply search for logos, shapes, images that you like and collect them onto a Pinterest board. This will give me deeper insight into what you like, and what you think your ideal client will be attracted to. This step needs to be completed before the brand clarity call.


Brand clarity session

Once your brand intake form and Pinterest board are complete, we will schedule a 60-minute brand clarity call. Our conversation will revolve around me asking clarifying questions as it pertains to your brand answers and the items you chose for your Pinterest board. Then we discuss strategy as it pertains to your ideal client.


Mood board design

Mood boards allow me to take all the information I have collected through your intake form, Pinterest board, and our call and begin to assemble the look, feel, and mood of your brand. I will carefully select images that are meaningful for your brand and create one or two brand mood board options to choose from. The mood board is important to refine the project's style before diving into the actual design process.


Logo design

At this time, I will begin designing your logo. I will always prepare 2-3 concepts from which to choose. This stage may take several weeks depending on my schedule—the timeline will be communicated once the mood board is approved.

Once approved, I will save your logo in color, black, and white. I will also save multiple file types that can be used for digital and print. I will provide you a cheat sheet outlining which file types are used for each medium.


Collateral design

If you have chosen The Jump Start or The Launching Pad packages—collateral design will come next. Collateral refers to business cards, PDF lead magnet, presentation template, social media templates.

All collateral items are created and conveniently stored in your Canva account to make it easy for you to access and edit without having to own and be skilled in specialized software.


Style guide design

When all the design work has been completed and approved, all the visual elements are put together in a 12-15 page document.


The brand style guide provides easy-to-use guidelines on how the visual elements, such as your logo, color palette, imagery, and typography, should be used in print materials and digital platforms to maintain a consistent brand image across channels. Remember to refer to the brand style guide often whenever you’re working with a photographer and creating materials for print or digital. 

After final payment has been made, all materials will provided to you via Dropbox and Canva links.

A final 30-minute call will be scheduled to go over how to use all of your new brand identity items.

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